What our customers write about us...

We are very proud and thankful for all the kind words and thoughts from our cherished clients. We look forward to our next adventure!!

My family and I had a great day out on the water with Cpt. Tom Charlton. Cpt Tom has a wonderful personality and he is very knowledgeable about fishing. Cpt Tom has numerous spots he can take you to find the fish you're looking for. He has top of the line fishing gear and accommodates everything you need to catch fish. There are many varieties of fish that he charters the waters for including Grouper, Snapper, Snook, Cobia, Spanish Mackerel and more. My son had a really good time. Cpt Tom was so good teaching him the techniques of casting and catching fishing. I highly recommend Charlton's Reef Charters for an excellent fishing and boating experience in Tampa Bay!

Had a friend in town and went out with Capt. Tom. Things were a little slow first because there were a lot of boats out. But he got us on some new spots I've never been before and fish on! As always thank you Captain Tom!!!

Went out with Captain Tom and brought my two young cousins. First he took us to a manatee filled area where we looked for some cobia and the kids got to see manatees up close for the first time. We then set up and immediately started hitting some 30 inch plus bull reds and some hard hitting jacks. There is no better sight than seeing my six year old cousin bring in a 31 inch bull red. Throughout the day we were hitting trout and snook too. To sum up the day: "How bad is your fishing trip when almost everything you caught was too big to keep!" Cant wait for the next charter with Tom. My cousins loved him and cant wait to come to Florida again!

I have been fishing in Florida for over 20 years and I can say without any hesitation that Captain Tom is the most knowledgeable and experienced fishing guide that I have ever fished with. When you book a charter with Capt. Tom he will put you on the fish. He knows the right spot for the right tide and at the right time. I can not count how many times I have went out with Tom and had been surrounded by other charters not catching any fish and our boat is pulling in 2 or 3 at a time. He does not waste time having you cast aimlessly into fish-less spots, so to make sure you get your money's worth. Tom loves to fish and its clear that it is more of a passion than a job to him. Even on a slow day he works tirelessly to make sure you are constantly catching fish. Absolutely the BEST!!!!!!!!! If you dont believe me just look at the pics.

First, Capt. Tom is just a genuinely nice person which not to be granted these days. He was very responsive with the texts letting us know where to meet, when he would be there. He even took the time to get the bait fish prior to meeting us. We only had to hit two spots and then we were just sitting there catching fish after fish! I would definitely recommend Capt. Tom! He made our trip! Thank you Tom!

We had a great time on the water. Captain Tom worked really hard to put us on the fish. We eventually found them and had a blast. Thanks for a great day on the water Captain Tom!

“Here fishy, fishy!” Seems to be the key words! Had a great day with Captain Tom! Thank you for being so accommodating to the kidos and making it a adventure!

Weather was windy, but we were still able to catch a good amount of fish. I think we caught 7 or 8 different species. Fun trip, would go again.

he did not disappoint. Not only did he break my "snook curse" last time, but this time he put me right on them. Four snooks that day...so addictive. He hooked me up on a cobia and then as Im brining mine up to the boat, he lands the other cobia swimming with mine, so Im back to back Cobia fishing. Overall, a great day on the water catching a little bit of everything (snappers, grunts, snooks, cobias, etc). I asked him why his prices were lower than the other captains (because you know there has to be a catch), and he told me he just loves being on the water and watching the excitement of people catching fish. Thanks again Tom!!!

Captain Tom provided a buddy and I the best day of charter fishing in the Tampa area. He showed up on time, with all the gear ready to fish, and took us to some great spots within 30 minutes of the marina. He gave us his advice when requested and ultimately we limited out on grouper and caught a number of other keeper fish such as sea bass, and red snapper. We also had a blast catching several types of sharks. The next time I'm in the Tampa area we will definitely use Captain Tom once again.